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Weather & best time to visit Ba Vi, Vietnam

Weather & best time to visit Ba Vi, Vietnam

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    1. Weather in Ba Vi, Vietnam

    The climate of Ba Vi is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate. Ba Vi has 4 distinct seasons. Summer begins from mid-April to mid-September. Even though Ba Vi is located in Hanoi, a city having hot and humid weather in the summer, but, Ba Vi is cooler due to its hilly terrain. It is heavy rain, cool and dry in October. The winter season starts at the beginning of November to the end of March. Due to the strong impact of the monsoon, the start and end of each season are unevenly distributed between the years, so the division of months is relatively relativistic.

    The annual average temperature is 23.2°C, the average annual rainfall is 1,800 mm. The lowest average temperature was 2.7°C (on January) and the highest average temperature was 42.8°C (on May)

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    2. Best time to visit Ba Vi, Vietnam

    You can travel to Ba Vi all year round because this place looks beautiful each season. In particular, autumn and summer are the most beautiful time with daylight, light sunshine. Thanks to trees, the air in Ba Vi is always fresh and cool. Moreover, Ba Vi National Park is only about 50 kilometers west of Hanoi so it takes only 2 hours to go.

    a.Visiting Ba Vi from April to October – Ideal season to avoid hot summer

    You can visit Ba Vi at any time of the year, but the ideal time is from April to October. The summer air in the city is very hot and stuffy, especially in big cities, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Coming to Ba Vi, you will feel like entering a world completely different from the air in those places. Here is really cool and quiet that you can stay away from the noise and blend in nature. Remember to avoid rainy days because of the slippery slope.

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    b. Visiting Ba Vi from October to December – The blooming season

    Ba Vi flowers season usually starts from the end of October or early November and the blooming period lasts only for 10 to 14 days. To capture beautiful pictures of wild sunflowers, you have to go to the hill area whose height is 700 m. In here, there is a very large flower carnation. The flowers bloom yellow throughout a hill.


    16 Feb 2020
    Saigon central post office: Vietnam essential travel guide 2020 How to get to Ba Vi, Vietnam

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    Saigon central post office: Vietnam essential travel guide 2020 How to get to Ba Vi, Vietnam

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