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Things to do in Ba Vi, Vietnam

Things to do in Ba Vi, Vietnam

Things to do in Ba Vi, Vietnam

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    1. Experiencing a day of local life in Vietnamese Cultural 54 Ethnic Groups Village

    The village is becoming increasingly attractive to tourists and is a growing trend in many countries around the world. In addition to economic and social benefits, this form of tourism also contributes to preserving and promoting the unique cultural identities of each region and locality.

    In Ba Vi there are agricultural villages, traditional farms and traditional villages such as dairy farms, ostriches, goats, and rabbits; the herbal village of Dao people with more than 300 species of grass collected on Mount Ba Vi; the craft villages in Lieu Chau, Phu Xuyen and Phong Chau; dry buds tea processing in Dong Chay village, Xom Doi village or Minh Hong starch processing village.

    Price: VND 30,000/adult

               Free for children under 6

    Address: Ba Vi District, Hanoi

    2. Spending one-day joining Detrang Farm

    At Detrang Farm there are two types of rest to choose from, either on stilts or villas. Room rates will be free for children under 0.8m, a room in excess of the amount will be charged from VND 150,000 – VND 200,000/person. There are many entertainment games in the White Goat Farm that your kids love: riding ostriches, camels,  horses; riding bicycles; planting vegetables; fishing; cooking rice; making pottery;… There is a buffet with more than 20 different dishes with the price from VND 100,000 – VND 160,000/person. The food at Detrang Farm is almost self-made, so it will ensure hygiene and safety.

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    Price: VND 120,000/person

    Address: Ky Moi village, Tan Linh commune, Ba Vi District, Hanoi

    3. Admiring the beauty of wild sunflowers in the weekend

    From mid-October to early December is the time when wild sunflowers bloom in Ba Vi, so even though the weather is a bit cold, many people choose to go. On the weekends of October, people often come here to record their own pictures of wildflowers Ba Vi National Park. Not as immense as in Da Lat, but the flowers here still have their own beauty, especially when viewing flowers in the clouded space of Ba Vi mountain cloud.

    From the gate of Ba Vi National Park, you have to go 1 kilometer to the junction of the direction of historical sites. Here you can get the permission of the safety guard to go to the hill area of 700 m. When you come to the fire observation station, you continue to turn left to flower hill tribe Ba Vi National Park.

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    Address: Ba Vi National Park, Ba Vi District, Hanoi

    4. Take a selfie in Cactus Garden

    Come to Ba Vi, visitors will enjoy a completely different space with a vibrant life in Cactus Garden. The two sides of the green tree shade make your mind wandering romantic adventure in the romantic scene in some Korean film. From the gate of Ba Vi National Park, tourists go about 1 m and then turn right on the narrow path in a few minutes to reach the green Cactus Garden. One of the highlights of Cactus Garden is that it is a beautifully designed dome. Not only does it help create an environment suitable for the growth of cactus, but the appearance of the greenhouse also helps the garden to be more prominent with its personality background. All things are mixed together and bring a great picture to the tourists.

    Address: Ba Vi National Park, Ba Vi District, Vietnam


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    Places to visit in Ba Vi, Vietnam What to buy as gifts in Ba Vi, Vietnam

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    Places to visit in Ba Vi, Vietnam What to buy as gifts in Ba Vi, Vietnam

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