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What to buy as gifts in Ba Vi, Vietnam

What to buy as gifts in Ba Vi, Vietnam

What to buy as gifts in Ba Vi, Vietnam

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    1. Fresh milk and yogurt in Ba Vi, Vietnam

    In addition to large and modern dairy farms, Ba Vi is now extensively modeled on household production under strict production procedures. So if you go to Ba Vi without enjoying drinking milk cow, goat milk fresh at the shops along Route 32, Lang Hoa Lac … is extremely regrettable. Drinking a glass of milk here, you feel distinctly fat, aromatic, or slightly milk-specific characteristics. If you are not used to it, it may be hard to drink initially, but if you have tried a few times, you will be addicted to it. At dairy stalls, in addition to milk, yogurt and other dairy products such as caramel. The yogurt here is made directly from fresh milk when eating you will feel soft and flexible in each spoon, sour taste is also very soft. This homemade yogurt in Ba Vi is so delicious and so delicious that many people have tasted a few boxes to get some presents at home.

    2. Milk Cake in Ba Vi, Vietnam

    Along with other products made from milk, Ba Vi milk cake is also one of the gifts that anyone who set foot in this land also wants to be tasted. The delicious, soft fat of milk, butter and high nutritional content from pure milk bring a sense of serenity to the mouth. Ba Vi milk cake is divided into many kinds with typical flavors of Tan mountain: white milk cake, light milk cake, chocolate milk cake. The sweetness of the milk cake is very mouth-watering, especially when enjoying a cup of hot tea.

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    3. Phu Nhi Te Cake in Ba Vi, Vietnam

    Being made from the ingredients close to the life of the laborers, such as rice, pork, ear mite, onions, leaves, banana leaves … Phu Nhi Te Cake has a white color, good smell and soft touches that make the hardest people like it. Phu Nhi Te Cake is often served with fish sauce sprinkled with pepper, lemon, garlic, chili or dots with chili sauce depending on each person’s taste.

    4. Che Lam in Ba Vi, Vietnam

    Che Lam is also one of the famous dishes in Ba Vi, with the main ingredients are bile, malt, fresh ginger, glutinous rice flour, roasted peanuts …  To make Che Lam delicious, one must carefully select each kind of raw material, then weigh, measure, count each material so that it can be fitted properly and when eating, it is not too soft or hard to eat. In Ba Vi, Cha Lam is sold many, but to eat the most delicious dishes, you can buy in the village of Duong Lam or around Bo Cai Temple Phung Hung or Tomb of Ngo Quyen.

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    5. Milk waffles in Ba Vi, Vietnam

    Along with fresh milk products, yogurt and waffles are also a snack associated with milk regions in Ba Vi. The main ingredients are milk, wheat flour, cinnamon, pure sugar, vanilla, egg yolk … The cakes are fragrant, cinnamon and milk fat are very easy to eat and carry. The cake rolls are packed in small bags so if you intend to buy them as gifts, you are completely safe because they are small, compact, light and easy to transport.


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    Things to do in Ba Vi, Vietnam About Hoi An, Vietnam

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