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Ba Vi

In the beauty of nature

Ba Vi Vietnam

Far away from Hanoi about 60 kilometers, Ba Vi is associated with the legend of Tan Mountain, Da River, and is a natural gift for the primeval forest of Ba Vi National Park. This is a great weekend destination for many young people interested in exploring nature, as well as for families looking for fun weekend vacations.







Things to do in Ba Vi

Places to visit in Ba Vi, Vietnam

Places to visit in Ba Vi, Vietnam

Here is really cool and quiet that you can stay away from the noise and blend in nature. Remember to avoid the rainy days because of the sli...

Weather & best time to visit Ba Vi, Vietnam

Weather & best time to visit Ba Vi, Vietnam

You can travel to Ba Vi all year round because this place looks beautiful each season. In particular, autumn and summer are the most beautif...

Things to buy in Ba Vi

What to buy as gifts in Ba Vi, Vietnam

Fresh milk and yogurt, Milk Cake, Phu Nhi Te Cake, Che Lam, Milk waffles are the top things to buy as gifts in Ba Vi, Vietnam

Places to stay in Ba Vi, Vietnam

Places to stay in Ba Vi, Vietnam

You can visit Ba Vi at any time of the year, but the ideal time is from April to October. The summer air in the city is very hot and stuffy, especially in big cities, such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

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Transportation in Ba Vi

How to get around Ba Vi, Vietnam

You may get around Ba Vi, Vietnam by car or Taxi, or using a motorbike for an adventure trips near Hanoi

How to get to Ba Vi, Vietnam

If you are staying in Ho Chi Minh City and want to travel to Ba Vi, you can follow the route: Ho Chi Minh City – Hanoi – Ba Vi. All of the information in the following part “ Getting from Hanoi to Ba Vi”


Communication is one thing that you should pay attention to while traveling Ba Vi. When using domestic telecommunication network, you need to know:
Mobilephone: no signal
Viettel: the signal is not stable
Vinaphone: good signal, quality assurance.

Almost there are no medical services needed, so be sure to bring your medicines and essential supplies to prevent any unfortunate events.

Do not bring lighters or any flammable items into there. Smoking is not encouraged when traveling to Ba Vi

Ba Vi Police:
Tel: (+84) 243 386 3047
Ba Vi Hospital:
Tel: (+84) 243 386 3139



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