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Asian Tour

Asia is the home to some of the earliest architectures and ancient empires of the world and full of fascinating historical monuments, of which each has its own unique charm. Besides, Asia really comes alive through its cuisine. Wherever you go in Asia, you can make sure that local dishes will be the most delicious dishes that you have ever tried. Asia is also the place having many beautiful landscapes. For example, in Vietnam, you can drive through rice paddies to Halong Bay, where you board a traditional junk to sail among hundreds of small islands and limestones. Besides, there are many interesting and mysterious things in an Asian Tour that attract you to explore, such as religions and the culture of Asian countries like Japan or Korea.

Asian Tour

If you are planning to spend your precious holiday in Asia, you should prepare carefully so that your trip could be perfect. In addition to choosing your favorite destinations in Asia, you should pay attention to the custom or rules of each country or know the tips that can help you with small details. These following tips are highly recommended for you to make your trip more complete.

53Finding as much geographical information as possible about your chosen destinations in your Asian Tour


While it is fascinating to visit many countries and cities on a trip to Asia, you can choose to have an in-depth culture tour in few places or countries rather than extinguish yourself by spending your money for a huge territory. For example, Bali, Indonesia, and Hanoi are all located in Southeast Asia, but they take you many hours to move from one place to another place. Before committing your flights and accommodation, you should drag the map and select countries/cities that are relatively close to each other or easily accessible. Using your travel time wisely will ensure that you can relax and really enjoy your holiday to Asia.

52Checking visa requirements so that they are prepared

Source: Aletha Jane

Asian countries always require that your passport should be valid for at least six months and the requirements seem to be constantly changing. For example, e-visas, a new kind of visas that is online visas and helps you to save time and money, were not available online for some entry points in Myanmar, but, they are available in one year later. You need to always read information about the visas your destinations need. If you need a visa when arriving at your chosen destinations, please prepare the money in US dollars and your own small photos. Many airport ticket offices have ATMs/exchange services and photo stalls, but this is a hassle that you can easily avoid by carrying the items needed. You can set from home, consider printing out forms online and fill them ahead of time to get to the airport quickly.

51Trying to pack light and do your laundry anywhere you go in your Asian Tour

Source: Educas Vietnam

When visiting Asian countries, you can try to pack light and wash clothes wherever you go instead of walking around with an overweight backpack or heavy suitcase. In most Asian countries, you can wash clothes, dry, and iron for 24 hours in the equivalent of a few dollars, and at street markets, you can shop for clothes and toiletries that are on your personal needs.

Asian Tour

You will need modest clothing covering the knees and shoulders. Also, you have to equip yourself with a first aid kit, small flashlight, all stomach drugs, earplugs, hand wash, and travel bags. You should know that squat toilets are usually not equipped with toilet paper. And because hotels do not seem to have enough stores, you can consider packaging the thing that allows you to charge several electronic devices at the same time.

50Checking your chosen countries’ vaccination requirements

Source: Dan Tri

Before you travel to the countries in Asia, let’s check their vaccine requirements and proposals so that you can actually get those vaccinations. If you’re worried about costs, keep in mind that you can choose to get vaccinated when you arrive in Bangkok, where they are usually cheap in local health centers. Tetanus and rabies vaccination is a good idea, as you may be exposed to stray objects. In addition to any necessary shots, you should look for strong anti-mosquito repellents, because this can help protect you from dengue fever and malaria.

49Making some alternative transports to travel in your Asian Tour


Using trains, cheap airlines, or ferries is a great way to save money while moving from one place to another. Buses are generally the cheapest means of transportation in Southeast Asian countries, but you should be aware of the fraudulent behavior and know that you may get dirty, dusty, or bumpy roads. Ferries can also be crowded, but they are a quick, cheap, and direct form of travel between the islands. Even though trains are often slow, they are an interesting way to explore and watch the lay of the land. Cheap airlines like Air Asia, Bangkok Airways, Nok Air, Tiger Air, and many other airlines offer cheap flights to various destinations. Some even have frequent flyer programs. Although it is often a debris comparing to bare tax boat trips, river cruises are luxury and excellent transport.

48Trying renting a scooter for an unexpected situation

Source: Dan Tri

Rental scooters can be a great way to travel, but in some Southeast Asian countries, you need to drive to the left and you can fight traffic, hills, curves, dirt or roads. sand, and even crazy taxi drivers. Other foreigners are not familiar with these conditions, driving a scooter, or a combination of both. Although most locals and tourists do not wear helmets, we recommend doing. Before you start with a rental scooter, make sure that your rental agent sees you take a detailed photo or video of the bike, and take the initiative to point out any scratches. Although a scooter rental costs you just a few dollars a day, electric vehicles are back in popularity, where a rental agent will insist that you have scratched or damaged another vehicle and will charge you a fee. You will have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars of the damage before they return your passport.

47The best exchange rate can be taken at the arrival airport

Source: Song Viet

US and European airports or banks often charge an excessive fee for currency exchange, but usually, you will receive decent exchange rates if you wait to change money when you are in Southeast Asia. However, you should know that Southeast Asian hotels often provide terrible exchange rates. Many hotels and restaurants will use credit cards, so be sure to use non-transaction fees like Plus MasterCard, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and Capital One Venture Credit Card in your Asian Tour.

46Avoiding “temple burnout” by planning for a variety of activities including in the Asian Tour


The “temple burnout” occurs when you see many beautiful and ornate temples that all begin to look alike and you lose interest in seeing any more than ever. To avoid this situation, you should arrange some non-temple oriented excursions, or simply spend a day resting. After a bit of restoration of the image, you will have a completely new appreciation for a region in the world that has more wonderful temples than you can imagine.

45Making sure you have your travel insurance

Source: The Bank

Since Asia travels often include adventures like street food, zip-lining, scuba diving, and jungle treks, it is wise to have a travel insurance. For example, during this latest trip, thanks to travel insurance, when you have trouble with your health during your trip, you can be inside and outside the doctor’s office within an hour, complete with medications, and special souvenirs, which are all covered by my policy. Insurance policies may also cover non-health issues, such as lost luggage or problems with flights and hotels.

44Let’s bargain with local street vendors

Source: Internet

You have to bargain with local street vendors with a smile on your face because it is both fun and a cultural norm in Asian countries. You can have some great time negotiating and laughing with street vendors, and even made friends with a few locals along the trip. You may get a great souvenir for the effort.

43Ordering a meal for begging children instead of giving money or buying souvenirs from them


The more money children earn from travelers, the more their parents treat them as a source of money and the less they send them to school, where they will have a scene in a better future. If you want real support for children in Asia, you can buy them a meal. Located in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, these eateries educate hard-working young locals like chefs and waiters and also donate money to other programs that support children and teens who have low income.

42Being a responsible and ethical traveler in the Asian Tour


While exploring the area, you can take a full look at cooking classes, diving courses, elephant tours, yoga tours, trekking, hilltop tours, and more. However, you have to research save travel/activities/tours before you book to make sure that tourist dollars are being used in socially responsible ways. In addition, safety is important, especially when trekking, diving, or scuba diving, so be sure to read reviews to confirm that they are right for you.

41Checking your precious passport before traveling to Asia

Source: Visa Bao Ngoc

You should note that your passport needs to be valid for at least six months after your travel. Each country has its own day limit, some of which are three or six months apart. So if the days are too tight, it is better to make a new one.

40Don’t forget your visas in your Asian Tour

Source: Felicitas Life

You should check if you need a visa before leaving your country. in some countries, we do not need to apply for a visa in advance, we just go to the venue and get the permission at the airport.  How do you know about it? Have a look at the embassy website of the country you are planning to visit, they will give you all the information you need, and the steps you should follow to get a travel stamp. Some countries offer the option to do a visa before or on arrival, so we advise you to arrange everything out before traveling. With your visa in hand, you will pass the favorable immigration control and hassle-free.

39Booking flight connections wisely to avoid unexpected situations

Source: Tinh Te

One of the biggest mistakes people make when joining Asian Tours is to think that all cities and islands are easy to access and well connected with flights, buses, and boats. That’s not true. Traveling in Asia means spending hours on flights, night buses, and boat trips. To avoid missing your flights, you should do a good research. You can visit the Traveloka website to find the best flight and connection. If you are traveling to the Philippines really carefully, allow plenty of time between flights, or between your flight and boat trips. The delay is very frequent there.

38Booking your accommodation and have all the details in hand


You should book your accommodation and have all the details at hand. It’s even better if the printed document displays the web page you have placed there, which is more reliable. Even though you can manage your hotel reservations on the mobile app, you should note that customs may not accept it but prefer paperwork. If you will be at the home of a friend or family, you have to ask them to write an official letter stating that they will host you for a period of time. The letter must contain all your personal information and the host and should sign.

37Bringing your travel documents with you to the latest bank statement

Source: vsmartvision

Some countries will ask you to prove your financial ability that you have enough money to travel. They can ask for this while you are applying for a visa before your trip, or they will do it when you pass the passport control. So, we recommend bringing your travel documents wallet for your latest bank statement or receipt from your credit card. You should bring any bank documents showing that you have a lot of money to get in and out and travel around their country.

36Have an international driver license when exploring a new country by road

Source: thilaixeonline

If you are planning to explore a new country by road, it is better to have an international driver license. To ride a scooter in Thailand, you will need a driver license and sometimes your original will not be enough. Some countries accept foreign driving licenses, but others do not. You must go to the driver’s license department near your location and request an international document. Most of the time it is easy and quick to do it and like a translation of your normal license. With an international license, you can drive almost all over the world, but it does not mean you can drive in any countries you want. In some places, you need more travel documents depending on your chosen Asian countries.

35Prepare an assorted photo-book of yourself


You should make a photo book of your own. If you are going for an adventure in any Asian countries, photos are some essential travel materials you must have. They must be of different sizes, which are 3 x 4 centimeters or squared. Some countries will require photographing while issuing a visa and if you do not have one, in the worst case you will have to run around trying to find the nearest camera. To be sure that this is not the experience you will have, you need to take some photos and put them together with your travel documents in your Asian Tour.

34Making a copy of all the travel documents of your Asian Tour


Let’s get all of your travel essentials and go to a copy machine, making at least two copies of each document. The reason for this is that you may need them in an unexpected situation during your trip. For example, to get a SIM card abroad, you will be asked to provide a copy of your passport and hotel address. To rent an uninsured car extends, you may need to provide them with a copy of your individual insurance policy, and especially when you rent a long-term apartment, they will also need some copies. Sometimes you can find printers at reception everywhere, but the others do not have. So make sure you prepare this before starting your Asian Tour to save your time.

33What you have to remember when coming to any temples


The most important and popular thing that everyone does when coming to a temple is that they take off their shoes and dress formally, which shows the respect at any temple they visit throughout Asia countries. You will also find out that most temples will need you to cover your shoulders and knees, which is right for both male and female. So, there are no singlets, and for women, a long dress is preferred to be over pants and at least have your shoulders covered, but it’s better to cover your elbows.

32Paying attention to the dress code when joining an Asian Tour


Most people think of Asia countries as a hot paradise, but it’s not everywhere that you can wear bikinis, cut heads, and shorts. Depending on your journey, you need to think carefully about the clothes you will carry. If Malaysia and Indonesia are in your travel plans that you can wear long skirts, they are Islamic countries that it is important to show the respect for their culture and beliefs. In the same Buddhist countries, you need to dress respectfully while visiting temples and monasteries in your Asian Tour.

31Downloading a good offline language app on your phone

Source: Tflat English Study

English is an international language, but in some situations, it is not accepted. In some Asian countries, like Thailand and Cambodia, English is not widely spoken. Once you leave the resort you choose to stay, you will have trouble with the language barriers. To avoid this situation, you should download a good language app on your phone. For example, you can use Google Translate which will work offline. You should also learn a few words like “Hello”, “Thank you”, “Please”, and “How much”, which will help you a lot, and the local people will be much better off if you show your respect to their culture and language in your Asian Tour.

30Paying attention to mosquitoes and allergies

Source: Dailyinfor

If you are traveling to a land surrounded by tropical forests, rice fields, rivers, and mountains, there are tons of insects in Asia, which are more than you can imagine. Our advice is that you should buy an effective mosquito repellent. Some natural insect repellents or DEETs do not work in Southeast Asia, especially for wild mosquitoes and dragonflies found on steroids.

29Referring to the local things than others


Asia is a universe of different cultures, religions, and foods. You should forget about Irish pubs, Italian restaurants, French wines, … and try the local street food, drink local beer or tea, and test your uniqueness and push yourself out of the comfort zone. Public transport is also a good option to meet local people, explore the city, and save money. Taxis can be a real problem in Asia that some of them do not want to use the taximeter and especially in Thailand, they never know the address.

28Asking a local when you need help


Sometimes your guidebook may be outdated or the newspapers have fun language that you do not understand. Let’s go and ask someone. Just because you are in Asia does not mean that Asians do not know English. Check your supplies and go down to the front desk and ask “What’s good here?”. If you are unlucky, they will only tell you to buy a guidebook, but if you hit the dirt, you can get a great insight into what local people like to do.

27No reservation is not your problem

Source: mgift

In addition to the high season in many tourist areas, you will not need a reservation, especially if you are a budget traveler. More importantly, it is not completely unexpected if you do not remember many places that can not be booked. There are exceptions to this that you will survive without anyone in your Asian Tour.

26Don’t leave your brain home

Source: genk

It sounds obvious but amazing that how many people, in their excitement to get on the road, forget to pack their brains. Some of the stupidest things we have ever done are to travel – no matter what you think, you are not immortal when traveling. Let’s pack your brains, use your common sense, and a chance that both you and your server will have a much better time. If you ride a motorcycle, wear a helmet!

25Having your pack right for your Asian Tour


You are on holiday, not a military expedition in an Arctic winter, so please pack accordingly. Put everything you want to put on the suitcase. And just as we suggest halving the list of what’s in your itinerary, we recommend leaving half of what you see in the closet. You do not need sleeping bags, tents, portable cooking stoves, hiking shoes, 14 pairs of socks and underwear, and 4 pairs of jeans. You need lightweight cotton clothing, enough clothing for three days, a pen, and a wire ball on your Asian Tour.

24Making your toilet paper must-have in your bag


You may think that toilet paper is an essential thing that every toilet all has it. For example, in New Delhi, you can rarely find the toilet paper when coming to any public toilets. Even sometimes, it will be really dirty inside the toilet you come. Seriously you will realize that you need to bring toilet paper on your Asian Tour.

23Asking for the permission of the people you take a photograph

Source: Red.Agency

This must be fair that when someone is taken a photograph, they should have the right to decide if they are taken a photograph or not. Especially in Asia, people do not have an open mind in being taken a photograph by any strangers. They will feel uncomfortable and not know your purpose of what you are doing. No matter where you are, you must show your respect to them and ask them to get their permission before doing this. If no, you can get into trouble with them.

22Researching the cabs fare before arriving


One of the biggest scams in Asia countries is that most taxis usually rip people off. You must know how much you should pay from your place of residence. You can usually find out how much the taxis should cost by asking the other people you meet on the road or finding out which taxi companies are trustworthy.

21Finding the location of the ATMs near your destinations

Source: Verdict

You will easily find ATMs in most parts of Southeast Asia, but there will be some places that do not have them. You should watch out for this situation. Some examples are El Nido, Philippines and Koh Rong, Cambodia, where there are rarely ATMs that can cause troubles for you.

20Preparing for a sleep on night buses

Source: Vietyouth

It may take you at least one night to stay on a night bus due to the terrain and the destination you want to go. So, what you need to do is to prepare the things that make you sleep well. If there is no blankets or pillows on the bus, you can carry a mini blanket and pillow for yourself, which can save the space in your suitcase and be lighter than the other kinds of blankets.

19Paying attention to public free wifi in the places you stay

Source: safervpn

Free wifi is an easier way, for the most part, it is decent. That being said, SIM cards are super cheap so you don’t have to break the bank buying them. But, why you have to spend money when you can easily save it. And if you’re worried about getting lost, you can download a map app without wifi to use the map.

18Always bringing US Dollars in your wallet

Source: shoptienmayman

If you have run out of local currency, US Dollars will be accepted. Most boarding places will also require you to pay in US Dollars. We recommend getting some in your own country and take it with you, although some countries like Cambodia distribute dollars as well as local currency. You can use a currency converter for the currency conversion.

17Paying attention to the weather forecast of the countries you visit


It is unfortunate that the weather is not always perfect, sunny, and warm in Asia. Some parts of it can become quite cold as the cold weather in northern Vietnam. You will also want to avoid the rainy season, especially when visiting an island. You should know that the hottest month is usually April. It varies from country to country, but traveling in the offseason can be cheaper.

16Cash is really important for your Asian Tour


You will always need to bring cash in Asia countries that you will almost never pay anything by your card, and if payment by card can be accepted at the hotel or for a tour, you may be charged 3% of the total price. Cash is always preferred though. You will also need lots of small bills. Things are cheap in Asia so bills equivalent to low prices will be very handy.

15Most buses in Asia usually leave when they are filled

Source: Wikipedia

You should plan for scheduled public buses to run at least one hour late. Even when you know that and have experienced this thing, it is still hard to schedule. Many buses in Asia will simply leave when they are filled and pick up people on the way. This is especially popular in Indonesia. So, you should add at least an hour to take any bus, sit back, and enjoy the scenery.

14Agreeing on a taxi price before getting into it

Source: dogspeed pet taxi

If you do not ask the driver about the price before getting into it, you will meet a situation that suddenly you have to pay a ridiculous amount of money. This is the same for tuk-tuks, motorbikes, tricycles,… or whatever the transports you use are.

13Taking pictures of the vehicles you rent before leaving the rental place


Whenever anything in Asia is rented, you should always take pictures of it. This will help you that there will have some close-ups of scratches or dent, but they can not blame you for anything and try to charge you. A good company will mark any damage on paper and give you a copy or photograph yourself. Even if they do this, you still need to have your own image.

12Getting a seat on the public transport is sometimes really hard

Source: kenh14

When traveling by public transport, they will often be hot boxes of sweat and you may have to stand or be forced to have a space between you and the passengers next to you. There is no such thing as personal space in Asia. Luxury buses mean the buses which are equipped with air conditioning but not necessarily operation. If you really want a seat, go to the bus where it starts, such as the bus stop, instead of placing it on the street.

11You can’t always drink tap water as you want

Source: DNA Branding

Sometimes, you can not drink tap water in Asia, especially in Southeast Asian countries. You should not brush your teeth with it. Bottled water is available from convenience stores. Besides, aiming to buy a bottle of water that has the plastic seal around the lid, which is better, environmentally friendly, and carry a water purifier with you. You can add one capsule per liter of water and wait in half an hour before drinking.

10It’s better not to plan anything before you go


The best way to find the best suggestions is from the people you meet while being on the road. It is really good to have an idea for your trip instead of staying at home and planning everything just from the sources of information on the Internet.

9You can eat street food when you can see how it is cooked

Source: Mon Ngon Bon Phuong

Street food is very popular throughout Asia countries, especially in Thailand, the heaven of street food. It is also very cheap and delicious. You should buy street food cooked in front of you. Avoid cutting fruit, and unless you have a strong stomach, you should also avoid fresh juice because the vendor will usually use the water from the local well to mix it.  Many major cities in Asia organize night markets, which are usually a great place to buy some souvenirs and street food. You will also have the opportunity to try local dishes while traveling on local buses or trains. Providers often jump on buses and trains to sell anything from fruit to any other street food.

8Don’t buy the same souvenirs


There is no need to be panic and buy everything at the same time. Make sure you see the same thing in the next city or country and literally everywhere, you can control what you want to buy and will buy.

7Knowing how to budget when joining an Asian Tour

Source: Internet

We know very well that managing what you are going to pay for is really hard for you. You can refer to a detailed guide on Southeast Asian budgets to help you so that you will not exceed your budget and know what to expect for each country.

6Never expecting western safety standards in your Asian Tour

Source: Wiki Travel

You will experience the moment when driving too close to the edge of a cliff or passing the crafty waves in the ocean. This case happens all the time when you backpack across Asia. Also when being on a boat, you should never expect to have enough life jackets, so do not worry about anything that looks unsafe.

5Watching out for your snatchers

Source: otosaigon

For women joining an Asian Tour, we recommend having a diaper bag that you can wear cross-body or have your hands on all the times. They can hold onto their phones. Snatchers are usually the people on scooters, who will take your bag or anything in your hand quickly while you are walking and even moving by tuk-tuk or on a bike.

4You may be asked to take a photograph with the local people

Source: Du Lich Tin Tran

In some parts of Asia such as Indonesia’s Java island, local people do not see many foreigners so you may be asked to take a self-portrait with the locals. You can take pictures of you as you are celebrities. Most of this is harmless and the locals are very happy to meet foreigners, but beware of your personal fortune all the time. And also once you take pictures, you can get some gift from them to say thank you for being ready to have some fun moments with them without any annoyance.

3Researching whether the countries you travel to ride on the left-hand side and right-hand side


While some Asian countries like Vietnam and Korea driving the right road, the others prefer the country on the left. The most common reason is due to the historical association of the country with the British. However, Japan was never part of the British Empire, but the reason why they drive on the left relates to their samurais and trains. These Asian countries are the countries riding on the left-hand side that you should know, which are Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal, East Timor, and Japan.

2You have to use chopsticks frequently when joining an Asian Tour!

Source: Golden tour

While some Asian countries like Vietnam and Korea driving the right road, the others prefer the country on the left. The most common reason is due to the historical association of the country with the British. However, Japan was never part of the British Empire, but the reason why they drive on the left relates to their samurais and trains. These Asian countries are the countries riding on the left-hand side that you should know, which are Thailand, Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal, East Timor, and Japan.

1There is a huge difference between Asian and Western cuisine

Source: Silver Sea Travel

One of the indispensable spices in the tray of rice of the Vietnam, Thailand, or China meals is the soy sauce. From the boiled, steamed, to fried dishes, it becomes more complete and richer thanks to this characteristic sauce. Besides, fish sauce is also popular in many Southeast Asian countries. We hope you will like its taste and get familiar with this difference. Besides, dogs, cats, and even insects and reptiles, which are considered favored in some Asian countries, are less likely to receive goodwill from European countries. You can decide to taste it or not. But if you don’t, please do not disrespect the food they eat by showing your impolite attitude to them, because this is the own characteristic of Asian cuisine.

In conclusion, each country has its own culture and rules that you need to follow, no matter how hard to try. It is also a good way to blend in the local life in Asian countries. Let’s think that it is a really fun challenge that without it, your trip will be so boring. After all of the previously mentioned tips, we hope you will have a safe and interesting Asian Tour that makes you want to come back whenever you think about it.

Hey Vietnam, I want to confess one thing “I fell in love with you at first sight” 10 years ago when I was 16, I came back to Vietnam with my mother. The moment when I got the breathtaking view of green paddy fields and the exotic Red River from the airplane window, I felt the urge inside my heart to bond with that country. My gut told me that Vietnam’s was my home, my true destination. Vietnam is full of diverse landscapes, rich culture, friendly people, warm climate and great food which makes it a perfect place for anyone's ideal vacation. With ten years of living and traveling experience, I would love to help you create amazing trips and having unforgettable experiences in Vietnam.


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