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Vanasia Luxury Travel Service

Vanasia Luxury Travel Service

Vantage Asia Travel Joint Stock Company
Address 7, 173/75 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ba Dinh, Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone +84-243 3772 8186
Date Dec 08, 2009
Tax code 0105010213
Product category Destination management companies (DMC)
Office location Hanoi
Office location Hanoi
Spoken language English

Xin Chao!

I’m Lam Ngo, the co-founder of Vanasia Travel and I’m very proud to know you!

Witness the difficulties during the after war period as well as my personal family stories, I deeply touched myself to pave the new way to give back to peoples in every way possible. This is why Buddhism Business Philosophy manifested the most important Pillar of Development of Vanasia Travel since 2011.

Born in a long transitional teachers’ family inhabited in the suburb of Hanoi, I acknowledge that education is always important to change a life of peoples so our Vanasia Foundation focuses on improving study condition for children in Vietnam. Learn from my father’s life volunteering in the mountainous after the war to educate minority peoples, Vanasia Travel now carry on implementing basic condition for minorities.

As an amateur photographer, I set my footprints all around Vietnam and even nearly the whole Indochina along with capturing every single moments of life which I was passionate for. To be specific, I inherited the Adventure Spirit through these trips. This is why Adventure Travel soon becomes a very important key factor for every products and itineraries made.

Originating from Chezlinhlinh House, Vanasia Travel creates unique and innovative tours such as Hidden Hanoi Biking Tour, Vietnam Unique Homestay or even our Cultural and Classic tours have been implemented the Connecting Cultures in order to help travelers experience authentic local life and culture.

In the recent years Vanasia Travel growing faster and faster with help from partners or from external help we strongly confident that our activities will expand outside of Vietnam. But our three pillars development; Adventure, Buddhism, Culture will be stay firmed and will be a compass for Vanasia Travel. We ensure that the Spirit of Vanasia Travel will brighten up the spirit of generosity and viability of peoples where We Travel!

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