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Paradissa Company Limited

Paradissa Company Limited

Address 6th Floor, Room 601, Sky City Tower A, Number 88 Lang Ha Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi City, Vietnam
Telephone 02439263509
License No. 01-093/2014/TCDL-GP LHQT
Date 17/01/2017
Tax code 0101218700
CEO Do Trieu Anh

Paradissa founders are all dedicated travelers in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. Some of us were tour guides who brought tourists of different nationalities to different corners of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. They trekked in the mountains, they stayed with the hill tribes in the mountains of Indochina, they drifted along the Mekong River with the local fishermen... They have shared their knowledge, their joy, and sadness with many communities throughout the region. They have engaged their life with the local people of different regions of Indochina. They are local and they have the local insights...

Paradissa Travel has received thousands of good feedback and praise from clients for their service so far. That's why Paradissa Travel has had a good number of clients of different nationalities and regions around the world such as Australia, England, France, Germany, the USA, Canada, Scandinavia, Japan, Singapore... 

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