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Handspan Travel Indochina

Handspan Travel Indochina

Handspan Indochina Travel
Address 78 Ma May, Hanoi
Telephone 84 24 3926 2828
License No. 01-038/2020/TCDL-GP LHQT
Date 23-10-2002
Product category Destination management companies (DMC)
Office location Hanoi
Office location Hanoi
Spoken language English

At Handspan we focus our efforts so that our tours include the very best elements of the region we’re travelling through, whether it’s a well-known highlight or a tucked away hidden gem that few visitors get to see.

We can arrange private, customized tours for your group or family of any size, focusing the nature of the trip as per your needs and motivations: nature-based activities, village homestays, educational themes, or volunteering opportunities that will actually make a difference, since we count on expert and local knowledge about the places we visit and the local challenges to be overcome, what also enables us to design and operate tours that promote a balance between the need for economic development and ecological preservation. 

Hence our wide range of travel opportunities is possible because we work closely with local communities, partner with NGOs and development organizations, and our guides are highly trained on ecotourism principles.

However, applied sustainability into travel activities is not only limited to ecotourism. We also encourage our travelers to discover the urban and coastal gems that can be found in our region, where our scope of services will also allow you to experience Vietnam in the way that suits you best, because we know our country like the back of our hand and feel truly glad to be able to work sharing our expertise and fondly showing our destinations to our travellers.

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