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Ha Anh Tourist - Construction Joint Stock Company

Ha Anh Tourist - Construction Joint Stock Company

Ha Anh Tourist - Construction Joint Stock Company
Address No.48, Lane 8, Ngoc Hoi Street, Hoang Liet Ward, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Telephone 097 875 810
License No. 01-1431/2019/TCDL-GP LHQT
Date 13/08/2019
Tax code 0105956681
CEO Trịnh Quốc Dạng

As a group of many experienced, loving professionals with seniority working in Tourism - Services in Vietnam, the same purpose and direction wants to build a strong brand in the Vietnamese Tourism industry. Nam, For a long-term, sustainable tourism industry, is a reliable prop for all customers.

With the motto towards customers, giving customers the best services, Ha Anh Tourism is constantly improving the quality of service, diversifying products to serve the increasingly diverse needs of travelers. domestic and foreign calendars. In addition, customer care services through promotions, after-sales service and quality are conducted periodically, contributing to improving the value of the company's products for travelers when traveling with. our company.

Ha Anh Tourism is also extremely proud to be one of the businesses that are connecting the development of information technology to the development of businesses through the introduction and development of online sales system. with a well-designed website with details of Ha Anh's product system. The increasingly strong development of this Website not only makes sense in the development of businesses but also creates more momentum in the development of the tourism industry in general.

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