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Are you a real  wanderlust? Your present job gives you much money traveling but your annual leave is limited. You have much time traveling, but your budget is limited. Someone said: “ Job fills your pocket, but Travel fills your soul”.  There’s nothing so ideal as traveling and making money at the same time. So, you never have let job a barrier to travel. This article is the list of 100 best traveling jobs on the road. Hope you can find the opportunity to make money while traveling around the world!

You can make money as a writer or blogger while traveling

If you have good writing skills, the extensive knowledge in many areas, and the passion for discovering the awesome destinations in the world, you should work as a writer or blogger to make money traveling.

1.Writing travel Article for tourism blogs, magazines, journal, website

Every day, there are many websites and magazines that need collaborators to write articles and blog posts. That could be collecting information contents, the travel experience contents, and advertising contents. Depend on the strength of each person, they will pay the suitable writer salary which is even up to USD 1000 per article.  As our website also needs to hire dedicated bloggers, please contact Journey On Air  if you are interested in joining our team.

2. Becoming a Best-Selling Kindle Author

“Write a book, Make money” is a slogan that Amazon used to encourage writers to sell their ebooks. This is not a really easy way to make money because not all writers become authors. But have you ever thought about how much you could earn if you ever wrote a book? That is a huge amount. It makes money by direct book sales, product sales based on your content, crowdfunding and etc… And, There is an obvious truth that travel inspires you to write books and sell your written books you for making money traveling.

3. Doing travel job as a copywriter

The internet has been such a phenomenon that businesses need writing more than ever. Two of those jobs that copywriters can earn the attractive income is writing explainer video/film scripts and writing sales letters. You can set the own hours and take the work on your journey. It really does allow for a flexible lifestyle. If you have the digital nomad job background, there’s large money to be made writing White Papers.

4. Building a Niche Blog and Promote Third Party Products

Being different from the private blog where you share your feeling or travel experiences, a niche blog is that’s made for the purpose of promoting third party products. You center all its content around it, then technically – you’re running a service blog. You only have good writing skills, a laptop, product, and sale knowledge for selling goods even you sit anywhere on the world. You get paid depending on the volume of orders you receive from your niche blog. The more orders you bring, the higher your commission percentage is. Wishing wealth blog is the ideal way to make money while traveling.

5. Part Time Online Content Marketing Coordinator Jobs

There are the worldwide companies looking for the Part Time Online Content Marketing Coordinator Jobs for making money traveling. You only show them your writing skill, your achievements, and your acquirement for passing the recruitment. The wage can be fewer than a full-time job but still enough for covering your travels. But in return, you no need to be at work and spend more time exploring new destinations.

6. Writing news for the Television program

Imagine one day a television station contacted to buy your news about an event happening somewhere in the world that you were there because they could not send their reporters to the scene. They are willing to pay a lavish fee if the news you write is valuable and high current. So you completely make money traveling if you have writing skill and news updating ability.

7. Reviewing Books or Movies

Did you know that you could actually make money for sharing your opinions on books or movies? It’s true. Just like these websites, bookstore, and picture corporation that pays you to review movies or write book reviews. So, whether it’s romance, scientific, crime or nonfiction, you could actually get paid to review the books you read, the movies you watch. You can get paid social review while traveling via the US review of books, Kirkus, Tyndale Blog Network, etc…

You can make money while traveling as a freelancer


Freelancing is similar to being self-worked. If a person gets paid by the hour, day, week or per project instead of a monthly salary, that person is called a freelancer. Being a freelancer seems to be the amazing thing when traveling and working at the same time. There are many jobs that a freelancer can do to make money on the road. The below suggestions are the clear proof for the freelancer’s phrase: “I see money all around me

8. Becoming an online tutor – An Easy job that pays a lot

Nowadays, the traditional learning classrooms are gradually being replaced by the online education. The more the people register for the online courses, the higher the need of tutor is. With just a computer screen, network, and pedagogical skills, you can become an online tutor. And it is a job you can do from anywhere, especially that seems to be one of the easy jobs that pay a lot. While you travel around the world, you can search for some opportunities for an online tutor job on worldwide websites like TechLearning and more.

9. Becoming a graphic designer – a digital nomad jobs

Got an eye for color, maybe a hobby for fonts and a passion for moving? Perhaps graphic designer is the amazing career that makes you money while traveling. The average income of Graphic designer is between USD 75 – USD 150 per hour even more if you are experienced and highly talented designers. Choosing a graphic design job lets you live a digital nomad life. You can find these digital nomad jobs at here


10. Making money as a travel photographer while traveling

Traveling the new destinations and shooting the beautiful photos are two passions that go well together. Have you wondered that: “how much do photographers make a year?”. Believe me! You can not imagine that the amount is enough to cover your future luxurious journeys. Making money as a travel photographer while traveling is a dream lifestyle that many wanderlusts want to have. Some newspapers and magazines are willing to pay for your photos being on their covers like National Geographic; Discovery; Heritage Line

11. Use Social Media to Make Money While Traveling

You are stuck at your office desk, and you have spent the good part of the year seeing over photos of exotic places, but your mind is thinking if only you had one of the best travel jobs that let people get paid to travel. And freelance social media is an ideal job to make money to cover your travel. If you’ve got a marketing background or simply good basement of creativity, then you certainly have a chance living-social travels. You can find social media jobs that pay at these sites have all the best travel jobs like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Peopleperhour, Mashable Jobs Board, Craigslist, Fiverr

12. Supporting someone’s legal work to get paid traveling

You are paid for legal advice or preparing legal papers for someone. This does not require to be in the office 24 hours a day and you will be paid for completing every project. This job is widely hired in the United States or European countries where every citizen has a lawyer or a legal advisor.

13. Being a Virtual assistant to make money traveling

A virtual assistant is one of the jobs where you can work from anywhere even while traveling. You only need to have one of these skills or all: Microsoft Office Skills, computer skills, strong communication skills, good writing skills, organizational skills, time management, Technologically savvy, Reliability, Customer service, Email Management skills, you can be confident to apply for the Virtual Assistant(VA) job. This is truly a digital nomad job because the concept of a “virtual” assistant encourages a nomad life.

14. Editing digital photo online to make money traveling

This is a truly easy job to get that pay good and you only need to have a laptop and photoshop skills. You not only make beautiful photos for other persons but also earn money to travel. If the photos which are required to edit have the scenery concept, would you stay in the corner but travel around the world?

15. Editing online video to make money traveling

Like editing photo job, editing online video is also an easy job to get that pay good and you only need to have a powerful laptop that’s loaded with editing software, the hard drive of footage and film-making skills. Working from home, the local coffee shop, or while traveling around the world means going light, you can completely make money from video editing online.

16. Help people plan their trip to make money traveling

Helping people to plan their trip like getting the cheap flight, reserving good accommodation, and preparing visa is a great opinion making money traveling. Your friends and your relatives can be too busy or have no full experiences or basic knowledge to plan their own trips and they ask you to support because you have the qualities of a professional tour operator. Why do not you use these opportunities to earn money to cover your travel expenses?

17. Becoming an online researcher

If creating content is king – then the online researcher is queen. Most infographics, blog posts, and business decisions are made on research done by someone behind the scenes. Being an online researcher won’t be the most profitable career, but it will be stable, low stress, and a stable way to make money traveling.

18. Being a data scientist to make money traveling

The attraction of a flexible work schedule that pays well is bringing big numbers of new data science freelancers to the labor market. The competition of searching work is rising every day. You must ask yourself more and more to become an attractive freelance data scientist. The Employers prefer to hire independent people and you want to find an unstable job that allows you both to make money and to have time to travel. Do not hesitate to click Upwork or Toptal to get your perfect data scientist jobs.

19. Being a podcaster to make money traveling

There are not many people who can become podcasters, but this is another great way to make money and contribute something meaningful that is not  incredibly saturated. Every year, as podcasts continue to explode in popularity, more and more people are jumping in the podcast technology. The podcasting job brings the huge income to pay the travel expenses and can be done anywhere in the world. So, you should learn carefully about it to make money to travel in the future.

You can make money traveling from your own social networks

Nowadays, traditional forms of advertising are replaced by non-traditional  ones which is online marketing such as Google ads, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram. So having a personal YouTube channel, building a personal website and being a hot facebooker or Instagrammer who has the huge impacts on the online community, are the great opportunities for you both making money and traveling around the world. However, this is not a simple way to earn money because you must spend much time and efforts building a charismatic image on your own social networks. And once you have successfully built your brand on social networks, here are some ways you can make money traveling.

20. Ranking(Google) – Earning(USD) – Are you ready to make money

Have you ever wondered how much money you can make if you rank your website in the first position of Google? With a low-mid search volume and high paying offer, one article on your website can be able to earn USD1,300 per month on autopilot while being in the first position of Google. This is a basic example being collected from the marketing expert for showing that you can make money traveling by ranking your website on Google.

21. Selling Backlinks on your website to make money traveling

You’ve heard some stories of people who make money from their websites USD 4000 per month here or USD 1200 per month there. If you have a niche website, and your website has a lot of traffics or highly-ranked, that would be the factors that actually determine the amount of money you can make through selling backlinks on your website. For more information, you can click on Backlinks

22. Make money traveling with the banner-logo advertisement on your website

Banner advertising is one of the oldest and most established advertising techniques on the internet including your website. Depending if your website acts like the publisher or the advertiser you can decide how to make money from banner advertising. It takes no much time to set up your website, but once it has been setup, you will have a completely new recurring revenue stream that runs on the complete autopilot.

23. Make money traveling from Google AdSense

Google AdSense is an advertising program that permits you to show ads on your website or YouTube channel and get paid when users click on them. The ads are generated from businesses that use Google’s AdWords program. Making money with AdSense requires a plan but you completely do this job for maximizing your income to travel.

For more information, you can click on Google AdSense

24. Monetizing your website by Cost-Per-Action way

Cost-Per-Action or CPA is an online advertising version, in which the advertiser pays you for each action showed on your website with the advertiser’s material. This action can be filling out a questionnaire, registering, making a purchase in a store, subscribing to a newsletter, subscribing to a mobile service, subscribing to a real service via a card payment, or anything else. You really learn about CPA and get paid for traveling.

25. Cost-per-thousands networks make money traveling from your website

CPM (cost per thousand impressions) prospectuses are a great way to make money with your website. You get paid by CPM advertising according to the number of impressions received in an advertisement. You have a high-traffic website and you still want to get paid for traveling even your readers are not clicking on your website/ Youtube channel’s ads. Choosing CPM way is a great chance to make money from your website. You should reference from Best CPM Ad Networks of 2018: Editor’s choice.

26. Sponsored post on your own Website/Facebook/Instagram

Once again, Your high-traffic website/Facebook/Instagram will help you to make money traveling. The advertisers will be ready to send money for your bank account if you write the quality posts on your own social networks for promoting their goods and services. You can be paid a salary to be a brand representation for their business. This is an easy job to get that pay well when you have the good influences on the social network.

27.  Get donations from users of your own social networks

If you own a website or Youtube channel with much useful information, you could have the right to get donations from your readers or viewers. By creating a donation button on your website, you are encouraging your readers to pay for the information that they feel attractive. This job not only helps you make money traveling but also tries to create the more useful blog. You can learn how to add a donate button on here.

28. You can get paid from youtube basing on the number of viewers

Yes, of course. You may not be a Vlogger, Influencer or famous singer but you completely make money from the unique videos you create on Youtube. YouTube earning is a great way to earn cash in your wallet. Typical content creators get paid roughly $2-$3 per 1,000 views. And up to 50,000 views would average around USD 100 per month if all of your videos were fully original content and you were able to monetize them yourself.

29. You can sell goods online on Facebook, Website, Youtube channel

Online sales are the business trend of modern society. You no need meeting the buyers, having the store, having staffs, you still get income by selling goods online. Taking advantage of the product knowledge, a good advertising strategy, a little sales skills, you can fully have much time to travel and still be able to make money to cover your journeys.

30. You can get paid to be a speaker/Vlogger on Youtube

The only way to get your Youtube channel bringing in some cash involves getting subscribers. The more subscribers you have, the more money you will make. If you know that: “Ray William Johnson makes around $4.2 Million a year and has a total of 10 million subscribers”, would you like to become a person like him? This is not an easy way to make money traveling but does not mean unachievable. Let’s get started your Youtube Channel right now!

31. Making money with option a standard YouTube license and creative commons license

When you uploaded a video, you should choose both license options on Youtube. The standard YouTube License means you sell the broadcasting rights to YouTube. The creative commons License means that your video can only be logged in from YouTube for seeing purpose and cannot be reproduced or distributed in any other form without your permission. No Media companies can show your Youtube video without your permission. They need to pay a fee for legal permission from the original author of the video. That is the ways you make money traveling.

Using your language skills to make money while traveling

32. Teaching English or another typical language you know as foreign languages

Job opportunities are anywhere in the world if you are a native speaker. Check out, Topical Asia send in a few applications to schools in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam or dozens of other locations & you’ll be surprised at how many interviews you land.

33. Being admin for Facebook page/ website

You are a linguistics student or you know more languages than your native language, you can apply for being an admin for Facebook page/website. This part-time job seems simple when you only need to help good languages skill. There are many Websites or Facebook pages in Asia countries or developing countries need collaborators to manage their page which their local staffs cannot do. You can search on Indeed for more information.

34. Checking English grammar and spell content to make money traveling

Checking English grammar and spell content for the local website for Readers coming from English-speaking countries is the favorable job in Asia country where the English language is not common in this continent. They really want to hunt the native English guide for their standard content which Google Translate can not finish. You can check on Upwork.

35. Doing book Translation to make money traveling

There’s a growing quantity of authors and publishers out there, and that means a growing demand for translated editions. Get involved by finding author hangouts and making yourself visible: set up a blog, join writer forums like Goodreads, Linkedin or famous publisher like Amazon to get this type of job.

36. Becoming a conservation buddy

You can chat about every day topics with a buddy or native speaker, and it’s a way to test out or improve the languages you’ve learned. There are ways to get your speaking skill practice like swapping a language you know with someone who speaks the language you want to learn. So, you completely require to get paid for talking and they do, too.

37. Becoming a tour guide both to make money and travel

If you like walking, your languages and your voice, tour guide could be high paying jobs that allow you to travel. It’s also one of the few travel jobs that you don’t need qualifications or certificates to set up. You just need a set of walking routes, excellent local knowledge, and great language skills. You can lead tours in native English if that’s all you speak, but a second or third language gives you more money for your services.

38. Becoming a reversing translator

It’s so popular when seeing translation contents as always from English to another language, but the reverse is just as few. Don’t forget about businesses, charities, and organizations based overseas who want to go into United Kingdom markets: chatting in your second language can help you get this job to make money traveling

39. Creating language resources

Teacher, buddy or tutor are not necessary for you to learn languages well because you can learn language knowledge from textbooks and quizzes to stories and podcasts. These sources are called language learning resources and obviously, need the person who can create the resources of languages. This job is not taken much of your time and just need to be flexible languages skill. If you are confident with your languages skill, you could look for this type of job to make money traveling.

40. Editing English Menu/signs

It might sound stupid but there are tourists out there earning some cash by going around touristy areas all over the world and making money to correct the English spelling/grammar on signs and menus of parks, restaurants that try to attract foreign visitors. Like in Thailand, they pay USD 10 per service for the guys who can do this job. This seems the great idea for you to get paid of traveling.

Hey Vietnam, I want to confess one thing “I fell in love with you at first sight” 10 years ago when I was 16, I came back to Vietnam with my mother. The moment when I got the breathtaking view of green paddy fields and the exotic Red River from the airplane window, I felt the urge inside my heart to bond with that country. My gut told me that Vietnam’s was my home, my true destination. Vietnam is full of diverse landscapes, rich culture, friendly people, warm climate and great food which makes it a perfect place for anyone's ideal vacation. With ten years of living and traveling experience, I would love to help you create amazing trips and having unforgettable experiences in Vietnam.


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